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vEmpire AMA - 08/06/2022 1300 GMT

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vEmpire DDAO is the world’s largest Decentralized Metaverse Investment Organization. The official vEmpire protocol incorporates different strategies to incentivize Metaverse token staking to fund the battle against centralisation.

vEmpire is entirely focused on protecting decentralized technologies through virtual property and Metaversal asset acquisition.

Andy - Operation Crypto

Dom Ryder - CEO vEmpire


Project Overview – Could you please provide our group with a brief overview of the vEmpire project? If I needed to explain it to my crypto friends in simple terms what should I say?


vEmpire is the largest decentralised metaverse investment organisation, meaning that we basically acquire digital assets like virtual property, NFTs and other metaverse assets with the aim of making profits to then share with stakers on our platform. We lower the barriers of entry for people who want to invest in high-ticket NFTs and metaverse assets by allowing them to invest a portion via our staking platform.

We are essentially a layer two solution for Metaverse & GameFi offering staking of metaverse tokens that allow users to earn passive income while holding the tokens they love. We currently have the following staking pools:

Vision – Why did you choose to start the vEmpire project, what motivates you to keep going, and what is the end goal?

I chose to start vEmpire as I noticed a massive opportunity in the investment of virtual assets. My background is in venture capital and wealth management, so naturally I have gained some knowledge in valuing specific assets. I saw the market wasn’t pricing these things correctly so I wanted to take the opportunity to invest in them.

This combined with my passion for decentralisation & seeing that the power was very concentrated in these metaverses among VC & corporate vs retail, made it clear that this would be the perfect opportunity to battle centralisation and start an organisation to take advantage of these times.

With your background in VC... is that all crypto or multi industry?

So my background in VC is specifically in asset backed investing, so pubs, hotels, care homes! Basically anything with a property behind it to protect the investment, which is why Metaverse property lent itself so well!

The great part of VEMP is that If you stake VEMP to earn xVEMP, which is used as voting power in our DDAO, you get exposed to all of our staking pools, meaning you earn a percentage of the rewards from all the pools mentioned above.

Effectively rather than having to pick which bit of land, which NFT, which token. By owning and staking VEMP you get exposure to over 10 different metaverse and hundreds of NFTs, across 4+ chains!

Team – Please give us a bit of background about the team, who are they, what is their experience, and where are they located?

Most of our team is located in the UK with one being from Bulgaria.

Our COO, my brother Mike, his background is in the creative and technical areas of the audio visual industry designing and programming interactive solutions for high profile clients.

Our Creative lead turned VC, Jack, has experience at first being a copywriter for big and small crypto projects but now his new role is allowing him to dive into project analysis to help with the acquisition side.

Petar is our DDAO engagement lead, his previous crypto experience is extensive with founding crypto.com’s customer service division in 2018 and also training over 200 professionals on cryptocurrency and hosted a crypto and finance related podcast for over a year.

We have a three person marketing team with:

Our CMO Estefano, who has vast experience in marketing and has previously been able to scale businesses via various marketing strategies.

Harvey, our marketing manager who has experience in several successful campaigns for large insurance companies, sweet brands and international charities. He also created the first blockchain-based platform to fractionalise fine art and unique assets.

Liam is our new marketing coordinator hire, recently graduating from university has come to work in the crypto space after doing years of work and research on his own. He has some previous experience in e-commerce, web design and social media marketing.

We also have advisors for our project such as Kyle Chasse and Jonny Caplan, all having vast experience in running large companies or divisions involved in the crypto space

Competition – What separates vEmpire from its competitors, and why should investors choose to buy and hold the VEMP token?

Being as early as we are, we don’t really have like-for-like competition.

We are in a special situation where we can actually benefit the user and the protocol. Take Decentraland and Sandbox as an example, projects like these want investors to actively participate and build in their metaverse to increase both values and that's what we do.

Other projects like ours may often be only in it for a quick flip, however, we are building sustainable income producing assets that can benefit both parties.

Alongside this and as touched on earlier, through purchasing our token, our holders also get access to these profits, and by becoming a part of our DDAO, holders also have the power to make decisions for our protocol. Which in-turn helps in the battle against centralisation

On your website you state your interest in fighting centralization in the metaverse and enabling average users to invest in metaverse token. How do you reconcile this with another of your statements that you were early investors in metaverse tokens and no other entity is able to compete with you without paying a significantly higher cost than what you paid?

Staking Strategy – Could you please provide some details on the vEmpire staking strategy and some of the benefits of staking on the vEmpire platform vs other platforms.

Our staking strategy allows holders to earn passive income while holding the projects they love without taking on any additional risks.

Meaning that on top of being exposed to one of the fastest growing industries, users can also benefit from passive income.

One of our main benefits is that on our platform we offer up to 25% APR on metaverse tokens, meaning that during tough market conditions like we are going through right now, holders are still able to earn.

We offer ETH & other Layer one staking because although it isn't directly a metaverse token, it still actively battles centralisation as well as serves as a foundation for other decentralised metaverse products to be built upon and allows us to provide a earlier stage, mire diversified, generalist strategy. If you believe in metaverses like The Sandbox then you believe in Ethereum.

DDAO vs DAO – vEmpire calls itself a Democratic Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DDAO). Could you please expand on this by explaining how this differs from a traditional DAO and what benefits this brings to investors?

Sure so our Democratic Decentralized Autonomous Organization redefines the way that we facilitate collaboration between like-minded strangers all around the world in the most secure, transparent and economically equitable way possible. Within the vEmpire ecosystem there are three main tokens.

These are the VEMP token, the xVEMP token and the xsVEMP token. The VEMP token is the only token within our ecosystem that is publicly tradable on open markets. VEMP token holders can stake their tokens on our application to receive xVEMP. This is our governance token that earns interest and represents ownership into our DDAO including providing voting rights.

It is worth noting the only one that is publicly traded is VEMP, the other two are "LP" tokens.

Play to Earn & Guilds – Please tell us about the Play to Earn aspect of the project, Gaming Guilds, and how the community and investors can get involved.

Yes so we also have a play-to-earn game called The Beginning, which is an immersive blockchain-based trading card game that’ll enable the vEmpire community to strategically battle against each other, playing to earn better financial rewards in the DDAO.

Alongside this we also have our own guild of Axie and other p2e scholars.

and this P2E is playable now?

Yes both p2e & freeplay



Investor Assurance – How do you reassure investors that the project is able to withstand and survive unfavourable market conditions.

Like all projects in the crypto space, we are subject to price volatility both when markets are going up or down, therefore, it is to be expected that prices aren't always high or low.

That said, we are one of the few asset-backed protocols meaning that, on top of our own protocol we have assets that keep us valuable during bearish turns. At the moment our total asset value is roughly 9 million USD. You can also view this on our Q4 report.


Future Developments – What excites you most about the future of the project? Are you able to hint at any future partnerships or upcoming developments not currently shown in the roadmap?

We are constantly working hard to ensure we are growing at all times, that does include gaining new partnerships, new investments and new opportunities for investors.

We do have some big announcements being released soon with some other projects in the space but I cannot reveal that yet. Stay tuned on our socials for updates as we are always unveiling new content to help investors better understand our project and team!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/vEmpireDDAO

Telegram: https://t.me/vEmpirediscussion

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjhhTUTgN2xW7IAAXSxvHrw

Discord: https://discord.gg/YDgW3tg8

Website: https://v-empire.io/

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