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Fragmint AMA - 03/03/2022 1400 GMT

Updated: Jun 6

The First Fragmented NFT Platform With Formable DAOs

Focused on building independent communities and empowering their creative use of decentralized mechanisms.

Andy - Before we start if you'd like to share Fragmint and your personnel social channels

Stoyan - Absolutely! I would love if more people from your great community join our TG channel: https://t.me/fragmintapp

Also our Discord: https://discord.gg/ab6YNmRczH

Andy - Awesome! Cheers

Right lets get this started

Please give us a brief introduction about your project and what are you guys trying to showcase? What is the story behind its origin? When did it start?

I am very happy to be here and to present the new project in the Evedo’s Ecosystem — @fragmintapp https://www.fragmint.app/

Fragmint is a platform that aims to innovate the NFT industry by providing unique way to fragment art by premium and validated authors, actors, movie studios, events, celebrities and tier A NFT collection owners.

I can say it is A More Interesting and valuable way to do collectible art on the blockchain

When did you guys start building?

We started 1 year ago because with the team we realized that NFTs are here to stay and based on our knowledge and network that we already have in the Evedo's ecosystem

Will be great to create a gateway for the entertainers to penetrate the NFT space.

We sit with the team and brainstormed for week what exactly we need to build and that is how the idea for Fragmint came alive. Formable DAOs and Fragmented NFTs are the key approach that we have. Also focus on the premium segment 💪💪

Totally agree there mate.

What makes Fragmint stand out and unique among so many projects in the market? What are the exclusive features that it is going to provide its users?

The premium approach that will make sure the users NFTs are real, long term, with provided utility and real use cases as first.

Formable DAOs for the NFT holders that will provide unique approach to the users

And mostly first the concept about FRAGMENTED NFTs :)

2 of my favourite visuals explaining what Fragmint is :)) With a dose of fun of course.

How do you see your approach handles the legal aspect of NFTs as legal proofs of ownership for example in licensing/intellectual property?

A great question Andy. I am sure that the marketplaces need to become a kind of HYBRID when it comes to legal aspects now and I see Fragmint helping the NFT creators with legal advices as well by providing legal services for specific NFT topics to the creators. This is kind of serviced that we will provide to our premium users.

Yes the legal aspect is where a lot of projects will easily get caught out... especially with the way crypto is heading... mass adoption

NFTs are gaining lots of traction in the gaming world/Metaverse. What does fragmint bring to the table regarding this use case?

Absolutely great question. Here we have a lot of different angles with Evedo's ecosystem and Fragmint.

Now we are doing a partnerships with Metaverse projects to become their event partners. Even now we are main partner with Plentix ( our ticketing platform with metaweek )


Next week we will be in Dubai to onboard the best metaverse projects to become our partners. With fragmintapp we are having a usecase where the NFTs that are created in Fragmint will be able to be shown on the metaverse galleries.

Also we are building a strategy with other metaverse projects to start selling Fragmented LAND in their metaverses. Imagine a building with 10 apartments - people will be able to buy fragmented through our platform.

Can we for example expect an open source metaverse that’s entirely created by community members who can constantly add to it and mint new NFTs as they go? In other words if I mint virtual bricks and someone mints virtual cement can we sell it for the $frag token inside the metaverse for someone who wants to build a virtual shopping mall?

Absolutely. We will be open for that and will encourage it for sure!

We are having a partnership now with a great project called Chiwawos: https://twitter.com/chiwawows And we have this kind of deal with their upcoming Chiwaverse

Black Eyed Peas and Marvel illustrators are behind this oe and I am happy that we are onboarding as partners :)

There are a lot of other high end projects, movie studios, actors, entertainers that we are now onboarding and on the 22nd of March we will have a BIG international partnership announcement + upcoming first NFT drop in the marketplace.

heinznotguderian - Crypto Troops Team Member

Well. I have to say when this comes it has the ability to revolutionize online gaming universes/rpg games in the least and the broader entertainment industry. Looking forward to it 👍

Now that we have a little info on the project let's hear about the Fragmint team.

How many members is your core team made of? What's their backgrounds, and experiences? How long have you been working together?


As I explained in the beginning behind the Fragmint project is the Evedo's ecosystem. I am very happy that we are already 65+ people working on all the products that we have. The founding team of evedo is the founding team of Fragmint as well with very well structured team of software developers, marketing team, design and UX team, Legal and business development.

Fragmint is in total 19 people now.

Can be easily found on the website with their Linkedin profiles :)


And also a bunch of amazing advisers like Yoni Yunger ( director of Millenium Films Hollywood ) Thomas papa Smith, Emil from ispolink etc.

Please tell us about the presale/IDO and how can investors participate in it? + any dates on possible IDO

We are now on a private sale round 2 and onboarding strategic partners and early backers. Everyone interested can send us an email to stoyan@evedo.co to receive more information about it.

The IDO is planned for late April once we finish the launch campaign with our Hollywood partner and we gain big enough community to be ready to launch. Also now we are on final negotiations with IDO platforms that can be announced soon as well.

And lastly, please tell the community about your plans ahead.

Please tell us about your Upcoming events, Roadmap, milestones and potential updates moving forward.

Thank you for this question. We aim to start the platform ( now is under smart contracts audit ) on 22nd of March and first NFT premium auction - 6th of April. This will give us kick start of the platform and the community and the next steps will be to launch the token and start the token life cycle. Then as a next few steps we will have V2 of the platform where we will have FRAG token implementation. V2 we are planning to bring the DAOs as well.

Full roadmap can be explored here: https://www.fragmint.app/#roadmap

We aim to become one of the top 10 platforms for NFTs worldwide in the first year.

Btw we just announced yesterday a great partnership with the fashion brand Faith Connexion.


This is the kind of real world usecase that the community needs. with mass adoption gaining traction mainstreaming NFTs into regular everyday use is instrumental.

Thanks for joining us today Stoyan, it was a pleasure.

Was great to participate in this AMA! I am proud to be here and our team will keep you posted about upcoming updates as well.

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