Operation Crypto In The Media

A crypto influencer known only as “Andy,” who runs a popular YouTube channel on crypto investment called Operation Crypto is a Binance user, but he isn’t that concerned about the recent developments. 

“The main issues I’ve seen are a handful of U.K. banks stopping incoming/outgoing payments to Binance,” Andy said via a direct message on Twitter, adding that there are plenty of other ways to purchase or invest in cryptocurrencies. “I think personally that regulation is required for us to head towards mass adoption.”



Cappella thinks that the crackdown on Binance could give a huge boost to its more compliance-friendly rivals like Kraken and Coinbase, but that he has little faith in centralized exchanges in general. 


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Andy, another of our newcomers, has been vlogging about cryptocurrencies on his YouTube channel since 2017 as well as via various social media platforms.

“Recently Facebook has rebranded to Meta, in order to push forward with the future vision of the Metaverse,” explains Andy. “MetaHero is a cryptocurrency project I have been keeping a close eye on since its launch mid-2021, looking to be the gateway into the Metaverse. Through the use of ultra-HD photogrammetric scanning technology, Metahero and WDW (Wolf Digital World) have partnered to bring on the next 10mln new users to cryptocurrency. Gaming, fashion, medicine, NFTs, social media, VR/AR, and the Metaverse are all destinations of scanned people and real-world objects. With the rapid growth of Metaverse assets within the cryptocurrency industry I feel this project is the one that stands out from the rest, fundamentals and technicals are lined up and looks very interesting heading into 2022.”

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We asked Andy Robinson of Operation Crypto for his thoughts on cryptocurrency exchanges. He told us: "eToro is one I would highly recommend not using, you don't physically hold the crypto. When buying and selling crypto you need to be in a position to move your crypto to a private wallet. eToro doesn't do this so in reality, you're not buying the asset.

"Binance is a great exchange to use and has predominantly most of the well-known crypto's. A slight negative is they don't currently offer 'faster payments' so it can take a while to get your money back to your principal bank account.

"Kraken is a decent exchange and does offer quick withdrawals.

"Coinbase is very user friendly and easy to use; however, the fees are quite steep.

"Personally, I use Binance, then for any crypto to fiat and vice versa I use Swissborg as the on/off ramp."